Louviere + Vanessa

Louviere+Vanessa’s work effectively combines the mediums and nuances of film, photography, painting, and printmaking. They utilize Holgas, scanners, 8mm film, destroyed negatives, wax, blood, and various other mediums to patina their photographs. They experiment in moving pictures and created the first movie shot with a plastic Holga camera consisting of 1,944 frames. In addition, they have experimented with music and imagery with the series, Resonantia, which includes a vinyl album and imagery containing all 12 musical notes using a generator and spectrometer to visualize the images.

Since they began professionally showing in 2004, they have been in over 55 exhibitions and film festivals in America and abroad. They are included in the collections of the Museum of Art | Houston, the Photomedia Center, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, as well as the film archive for Globians International Film in Potsdam Germany, and Microcinema in San Francisco. Six of their images were acquired by the George Eastman House for an exhibit that traveled the world through 2010. They had their first solo museum exhibition at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans in October 2012, followed by a solo show at the Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, Florida.

Jeff Louviere is from New Orleans, Vanessa is from upstate New York and they met each other in Savannah, Georgia. Jeff graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design during which he and 3 other artists created the world’s largest painting, a 76,000 square foot image of Elvis which was included in the Guinness Book of World Records. Vanessa began photographing at age 12 and won a Kodak International Award of Excellence in Photography when she was 17. She almost became a pro race car driver but instead, she photographed through Italy and Greece before graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Photography.

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